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Here you will find tours about The Sound of Music, Mozart, the History of Salzburg, the Salzkammergut, etc, in various languages that are, amongst other guides, held by the singing tourist guide June Makino.

MEX also offers "Your Custom Dinner Concert" that can be held according to your needs (location, time)

MEX "special programmes" at a glance:

  • ◆"Melody Guide Tour" off the movie "The Sound of Music"
  • ◆Special Mozart Tour
  • ◆Hallstatt Tour
  • ◆"Silent Night" Melody Guide Tour
  • ◆Your Custom Dinner Concert

picture: June Makino (Junko Flatscher)

download>> ""Edelweiß" .wma file (by June Makino)

June Makino, the singing guide (Melody Guide) will invite you to enjoy the fascination of Salzburg!

If you have any further questions on the programmes and tours, please contact >> MEX
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